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The SeeCoat Blue movie has been released

24th Apr 2014

What is SeeCoat Blue Treatment ? Discover all about blue light protection and Nikon’s outstanding new coating in our newly released product movie.

The Nikon Difference movie has been released

22nd Jul 2013

From cameras to microscopes, Nikon makes a wide varieties of optical products. Why is Nikon spectacles different from other competitors? Let’s find out from this newly made movie.

Year-end Photo Contest is open now!

10th Dec 2012

What do you see through Nikon Lenswear? Visions of the Year 2012 Photo Contest is open on our Facebook page! It’s a great opportunity to share your photographs and win a free pair of Nikon spectacle lenses and a Nikon camera.
*You will need to become our fan to participate the contest.

Visions of the Week photo contest begins on Sep 24!

18th Sep 2012

What do you see through Nikon Lenswear? Share your photos on our facebook page through I SEE app. We will select and post 10 best photos on a weekly basis on our wall.

Nikon Lenswear USA website re-launches

21st Aug 2012

Nikon Optical USA now has a brand new look on their website! You could also search which Nikon Lenswear products are available for you through the ‘Find the Right Lenses for Yourself’ simulator.

Tips for healthy eyesight

Don’t forget to blink every second

When using a computer, you tend to blink less than usual as you are focused on the screen, it makes your eyes dry. By moisturizing your eyes, you relaxed them.

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